• Partnerships

    Strategic partnerships

    Salspera is open to discussions to partner in combatting specific therapeutic areas. Such therapeutic areas may be solid tumor cancers currently not being addressed in Salspera's pipeline, or alternatively, strategic partnerships to pair the exceptional capabilities of Saltikva with other chemotherapies or immunotherapies.

    Salspera Peptide Delivery Platform

    Salspera's "micro-factory" platform enables the expression of peptides and proteins inside of solid tumors. This platform elegantly circumvents all traditional drug delivery methods and results in proven, local expression of the drug in primary tumors and metastases without exposing the host patient to any systemic toxicity.

    Contact us for any further discussions

    We are open to discussions and to exchanging thoughts with the common ultimate goal of helping patients. Contact us at info@salspera.com for questions and inquiries.