24 Month Overall Survival in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

OAKDALE, Jan. 12th, 2021 -- We are celebrating an important milestone: First patient with stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer being treated with Saltikva® with concomitant FOLFIRINOX now in month 24 of survival post-diagnosis.

The first subject has now reached their 24th month of survival after being diagnosed with stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer, a disease with a median overall survival of just 11.1 months. This patient is receiving one dose (every 2 week) of Saltikva® with concomitant FOLFIRINOX on an ongoing basis.

Most remarkably, the patient has not experienced any toxicity to Saltikva®, was able to significantly reduce the dose of chemotherapy, has normalized CA19-9 levels, maintained their immunologic cell populations despite cytotoxic chemotherapy, demonstrated a strong NK cell response, and has a radiologic regression of metastatic tumor burden with a complete absence of tumor activity by PET scan.

Salspera is currently conducting a Phase II clinical study of Saltikva in metastatic pancreatic cancer (NCT04589234).

If you have any questions, please contact cglass@salspera.com.

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